After office hustle

We have heard so many brilliant ideas from extremely smart and passionate people with full-time jobs. People who have unique insights about their industry. If we can make a tiny fraction of these ideas successful, the world would be a much better place.

How does it actually work?

We select exceptionally talented and motivated individuals on a rolling basis because startups are not born as per calendar. The program is divided into 2 stages.

Stage I:
Duration → 3 months
Goal → Graduate to Stage 2

Teams will be evaluated on a weekly basis by mentors and coaches for 3 months and depending on progress we collectively decide who moves to Stage II.

Those who don’t make it to Stage II will be given detailed feedback, become part of alumni network and retain continuous access to our resource library.

Stage II:
Duration → 6 months
Goal → Graduate with funding commitment to work full-time on your startup

Sparklehood takes 5% equity in startups which receive funding through our Demo Day or VCs or angel investors introduced by us.

How is the program structured?

Program is designed to be adaptable depending on whether you just have a broad idea, already building product or looking to grow. Depending on the stage you are in and our assessment, we will ask you to follow all or some of the steps.

Each step has measurable metrics to track your progress and you will move on to next step only when your Coaches and mentors are satisfied with the end outcome:

The potions symbolises how to refine your startup idea

Step 1

Refine your idea and hypothesis

The crane symbolises how to build your product or service

Step 2

Build your product or service

The rocket symbolises how to launch your stratup

Step 3

Launch or Re-launch to validate your hypothesis

The tree symbolises how to grow your market, team and fundraise

Step 4

Raise funds, grow your market and team

What support do we provide?

1. One on one mentoring sessions:

Entrepreneurs with successful exits as you need practical advice for actual execution on the ground to optimise for time and resource

⤷  Domain experts who understand the industry you are working in like the back of their hand so you can navigate the landscape more efficiently

2. Coaches who will make you work your ass off to achieve results, hold you accountable to your goals and be constantly in touch with you

3. Help you in finding suitable Co-founder (inside or outside the program)

4. Help you in identifying right skills and knowledge base for early team as first hires are critical for success

5. Resource Library with access to templates, frameworks, productivity tools and content to increase your productivity and improve output quality

6. Introductions for Design, Engineering, Legal, Tax and Accounts related advice or work

7. Fundraising through VCs and Angel Investors network

How can you get in?

You can apply anytime. This is how the selection process works:

1. Fast and easy application through LinkedIn Profile

2. We screen all applications and call promising teams/individuals for the next step: a form to understand your motivation, constraints and idea

3. Call selected people to interview with us

4. We aim at 1% selection rate and get back with interview results as quickly as we can. We want to start working together asap. Speed is essential for a startup!

Program Cost

If you get selected then you will be required to pay Rs. 30,000/- per month at the beginning of each month while you are in the program.

Still have more questions or doubts, most likely we have covered them in our Frequently Asked Questions.