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Founding a company is probably going to be the toughest thing you do. You need right advice at right time.

Chief of Staff: A Corporate Game Changer

The Chief of Staff has always been regaded as a highly influential role in the world of politics. With its significance and influence seeping into the corporate landscape, it becomes imperative for us to explore what makes it such a game changer from a strategic and operational POV.

Exploring Social Responsibility with Web3 Philanthropy

We're not quite done exploring the wonderful world of Web3. Besides the technological marvel that it is, it also promises community-based stewardship of public goods for the long run. Read this article to know how Web3-enabled philanthropy can create positive externalities in a way that has never been done before.

Angel Investing in the Web3 Space

Angel investing has become much more diverse than ever before. With growing importance and attainment of newer and bigger trchnological milestones, it has now found prominence as one of the most crucial aspects of the community-building process in the Web3 space. A challenging yet equally worthwhile experience, find out the intricacies of the same in this blog.

Trends in the Startup Ecosystem Angel Investors Should Know About: June Round-Up

With July being around the corner, what better time to do a quick monthly round-up? Catch up on the latest trends and key developments that took place in the start-up ecosystem this June. The good, the bad, the ugly, and more...

Behaviour & Portfolios of Successful Global vs. Indian Angel Investors

In this article, we have taken a deep dive into the investment journeys of 5 renowned angel investors in India and across the globe. Whether you choose to emulate the masters in this field or carve your own path, learn all about their investments, exits, thought-process and tips and tricks to advance your own investment journey.

The Angel Investor Starter Kit

With the wealth of information online, nascent investors can often feel overwhelmed and dejected before even dipping their toes into the ever-evolving world of angel investing. Hence, we have made an attempt to curate a comprehensive angel investor starter-kit, ranging from digestible articles to concise podcast episodes, to help beginners explore this dynamic space without feeling the need to end their google searches with 'ELI5'.

Start with WHY?

This summary is of a the book, Start with WHY? The book is about an occurring pattern, a way of thinking, acting, and communicating and addresses how the crux of a organisation lies with knowing their WHY.

The Mom Test

This is a summary of the book titled The Mom Test. The book emphasises on how attempting to learn from customer conversations and finding the truth to make your business successful requires you to dig deep and put in the effort. Talking to customers is hard, and this book is about how to properly speak to customers and learn from them.

Founder's Schedule

Results we achieve are a function of how-well, where and with whom we spend our time. A mental model to help you plan your schedule.

Why do you think so many startups fail?

Starting a business is not so hard, but making it a successful one is. A common statistic says that about 90% of startups fail. Why does that happen?

To be an entrepreneur or not to be… the answer lies in the middle

Not a binary choice between self-employment and salaried job. There is a third way which lies in the middle: hybrid entrepreneurship. You will be surprised to know that hybrid entrepreneurs have higher chances of survival.

Jumping into entrepreneurship after 12 years of corporate life

Interview of Saurabh Singh, co-founder and CEO of Flickstree. He talks about the decision making process and how to involve your family and friends into the equation.

5 theories and 5 tools to get s*** done without getting stressed

Do you often feel like the whole world is on your shoulders? Do you feel overwhelmed by bottomless to-do lists and have no clue on where to start? This article may help you gain some control over your time.

Time Management for startup founders, Part: 1

We know time is the scarcest resource of all and good time management skills can help you increase effectiveness and efficiency in building, launching and growing your startup.

Sparklehood tips to build and launch a startup with a full-time job

Few practical suggestions from our side if you are planning to build your startup or are already working on one along with a full-time job

Building and launching a startup with a full time job: sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Many people want to start their own business but are working full time and believe it is not doable, but the truth is that there are both pros and cons.

Sparklehood: startup school for working professionals

Introducing you to our newly launched online startup program. Its story, inspiration for the idea, who is behind it, who is it for and what does it do.

Deepak Kumar, Founder & CEO of Slyds, took a session on the elements of the perfect pitch deck for fundraising.

They have made 1000+ pitch decks which have collectively raised USD 600 Mn. He shares practical insights which a VC or entrepreneur will find difficult to observe or articulate.

Adil Singh from Lightsout Studio held a session with Sparklehood cohort about the importance of designing product with compassion. He also talks about the fundamentals of design and UX.

Prem K Viswanath was co-founder of CloudCherry, an enterprise SaaS customer engagement solution sold to Cisco for USD +50 mn. He is a marketing and creative guy in and out and has very varied experience.

He talks to Sparklehood about how marketing really starts in the moment you start talking about your idea to others, about brand identity and story telling to connect emotionally with the customers.

Prem is also on our mentor board and provides mentorship to our cohort of startups on 1:1 basis.

Prof. Amit Karna teaches strategy at IIM-Ahmedabad, he is placement chair and ex-chair of CIIE.

He talks to Sparklehood about key focus areas for early stage startup founders, why you should avoid building products that try to latch onto trends rather than real problems, and learning fast.

He is also on our mentor board and provides mentorship to our cohort of startups on 1:1 basis.

Vijay Lakshmanan was Co-founder of CloudCherry, an enterprise SaaS customer engagement solution which was sold to Cisco for USD +50 mn.

He talks to Sparklehood about how his startup journey, learnings, problem identification and how to use customer relationship to build products.

Vijay is also on our mentor board and provides mentorship to our cohort of startups on 1:1 basis.

Mikhil Innani is Managing Director & CEO at Apollo Finvest, a publicly listed NBFC and AWS for lending. He has built products from scratch and scaled to 300+ million monthly active users. Previously, Co-founder of Pharmeasy, currently valued at USD 700 million.

He talks to Sparklehood about what he has learnt from corporate and startup experiences. He shares advice on how to launch MVP, build products, engineer teams and scale massively.

Mikhil is also on our mentor board and provides mentorship to our cohort of startups on 1:1 basis.

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